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Kadin Indonesia Trading House Successfully Hosted Digital Marketing for Export Workshop


Kadin Indonesia Trading House Successfully Hosted Digital Marketing for Export Workshop

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Jakarta, Indonesia – Kadin Indonesia Trading House successfully concluded its highly anticipated workshop titled “Digital Marketing for Export” on February 1, 2024, at Menara Peninsula, Jakarta Barat. This full-day event, sponsored by RangeMe, Registrar Corp, Timex, and Asuransi Asei, attracted a diverse group of entrepreneurs and professionals eager to harness digital marketing strategies to expand their global export footprint.

The workshop commenced at 8:30 AM with an opening gate and registration followed by a breakfast meet and greet. The program began by singing the Indonesian National Anthem, Indonesia Raya setting a patriotic tone for the day’s activities. The first session was led by Yongky Susilo, the CEO of Kadin ITH, who provided insights into the global export market and its opportunities for Indonesian entrepreneurs.

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Our Speaker Introduction: Yoyok Rubiantono 

Participants then delved into the core of digital marketing for export with a series of three sessions conducted by Yoyok Rubiantono, a renowned digital marketing expert. These sessions offered practical, hands-on training, equipping attendees with the latest tools and strategies in digital marketing to reach global retailers.

Followed by the engaging talk on reaching out to global retailers through RangeMe, presented by Esther Cesie and Dandy Natakusumah. Agus Setiawan, a regulatory advisor, also provided valuable information on US FDA compliance, which is critical for Indonesian products entering the American market.

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The workshop also featured a session on secure payment methods and the importance of export insurance by Rindo Adrian, emphasizing the need for financial prudence in the export business.

The event concluded with a Q&A session, allowing attendees to interact directly with the speakers and clarify their doubts. The day was documented for further reference and to ensure the dissemination of knowledge beyond the confines of the event.

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The workshop’s success was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Kadin Indonesia Trading House and Sekolah Ekspor. It signifies Kadin ITH‘s commitment to empowering Indonesian businesses with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the global market.

Group Picture of Workshop atendees

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